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Since 2003, Dane County has addressed racial disparities in the criminal justice system utilizing county funding and State Office of Justice Assistance grants, guided by recommendations from the Dane County Task Force on Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System  (2009) and the Dane County Juvenile Justice Disproportionate Minority Contact Solutions Workgroup (2009), as well as other information and approaches to improve the disparities in our community.

The Dane County Board of Supervisors included a pilot Community Restorative Court in the 2014 budget that is designed to use national best practices to utilize county and community strengths to resolve misdemeanors before formal charging.  The Dane County Racial Disparities work group has gathered data and researched the approach since the spring of 2013. 

The Dane County Community Restorative Court (CRC) will enlist restorative justice principles and practices.  Restorative justice is a community-based form of justice that seeks to repair the harm caused by crime.  

Dane County Community Restorative Court Memoandum of Understanding

Community Restorative Court has a Memorandum of Understanding establishing procedures between our agency, the Dane County District Attorney’s Office and local Law Enforcement Agencies.