Dane County
Community Restorative Courts



The Community Restorative Court (CRC) will receive referrals from law enforcement, the District Attorney's office, the community, and others to help neighborhoods and communities repair harm caused by crime.  It will work with victims, offenders, residents, and community stakeholders to help provide a non-traditional approach to restoring balance and harmony in neighborhoods affected by crime.  The first CRC will be located in South Madison.

The mission is to:

Repair Harm, Reduce Risk and Rebuild Community

The CRC will provide young adults who are 17-25 years old and who have committed misdemeanor law violations in South Madison an opportunity to appear before a group made up of community members (prior to being charged) to ensure accountability, determine alternative sanctions and to help repair the harm done to the victim of the crime. It will also seek to help the offender with issues related to employment, healthy relationships, basic needs, and other personal matters to prevent re-offending.

This whole process will be victim-based, offender focused, and community driven.